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Director’s Message

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Jasna Korda

Origin Europe believes that the world is changing and many countries are facing considerable challenges in ensuring the young people are well educated, trained and integrated to the workplace. This will not happen easily unless everybody has to set a solid foundation to invest more in the human capital and by that will resolved major part of the challenges and in particular helping unemployed youth through empowering access to either work or further studies. In other words, Origin Europe strongly believes in converting challenges to opportunities.


As the director in charge, I would like to assure every client and beneficiary that the board of directors are fully supporting every single organization and individuals. Therefore, the board of directors appoint an aggressive and high-tech learning plans for 2019 and 2020. In 2019, we have two major events i.e. 48th IFTDO World Conference and Exhibition which will take place on 24th – 26th June, 2019 in Sarajevo as the federation will celebrate its 47th anniversary since the date of establishment in 1972 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The other event will be a comprehensive one day seminar on the latest and hot topics on Up Your Services customer experiences with the well-known speaker Ron Kauffman which will take place in November, 2019. In addition, many the program and courses goes outside the country as we are working globally in seventeen locations.

In-depth research, Origin Europe identified many shortages in very specific and highly specialized skills whereby the focus of our company with our highly trained and professional trainers and teams will be offering diversified and specialized training in this unique fields using our well developed, flexible, customized and effective approach. We strongly believe in enhancing knowledge, developing people and empowering future leaders.


Let’s go the extra mile…it is always less crowded.

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